Classical Piano


If you’re here to learn Classical piano, I really can’t help you!

Classical music is wonderful and very rewarding to play.

However, this website exists because Classical music training has unfairly dominated piano tuition as a whole. It requires many skills that are not relevant to pop, jazz, blues and other styles and rejects others that are, yet it is largely seen as “the way” to learn piano.

That doesn’t mean I think badly of Classical music, of course! Quite the opposite!

The good news is that you almost certainly have a great Classical piano teacher near you. Just google for “piano teacher Washington” (or wherever you live!) and don’t be afraid to demand the following things…

1) a free meeting to discuss your needs

2) a relaxed, kind approach to teaching

3) great results in a few short weeks!

Just kidding about number 3.

Classical music takes ages to be good at, so just find a good teacher and practice, practice, practice! Good luck! Feel free to contact me personally if you need any help or advice.