Getting Started

Q: What do I need?

A: Have a look at this video…


Q: This all sounds fiddly, and you charge by the hour?

A: I charge by the hour for teaching music. Time spent making the setup work and establishing that I can help you is not charged.


Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I’ve been a full-time piano teacher since 2008 and I started teaching over Skype when some of my students moved away and wanted to carry on seeing me.


Q: Why wouldn’t I just go to my local piano teacher?

A: No reason. I’m sure s/he’s lovely. Do that!


Q: Huh?

A: There are advantages to learning over Skype. Online lessons are convenient, we can record them for later revision, we can share digital resources (PDFs, images, youtube links, etc) and we can be far more flexible about lesson times. Also, we get a piano EACH!


Q: What kind of music do you teach?

A: Great question! I’m glad you asked. I teach pop music and jazz. My approach to this bears very little relation to graded/classical teaching and probably needs explaining, so I offer a free online lesson. Time spent doing this is not charged and you’re welcome to walk away if you’re not interested.


Q: You’re very handsome. How come you’re not a pop star?

A: Teaching is my calling, I guess.


Q: How much do you charge?

A: I charge at a rate of $60US per hour.  Most people don’t need a whole hour at a time.  It depends.  We can work that out together. Any time spent setting up or having “technical difficulties” is not charged.


Q: I don’t trust people on the internet.  How do I know you won’t take my money and render me dissatisfied?

A: I do all the trusting so you don’t have to do any…

1) I’ll meet you free of charge to prove I’m real.
2) If you want to have a lesson, I won’t expect to be paid until afterwards.
3) If you pay me (via paypal) we can continue!

Q: I’m sold!  How do I get in touch? 

Your name

Your  email address

Anything you want to tell me?