Happy Customers

Here’s some of the things people say about my teaching…

My experience of learning the piano with David has been completely different to lessons I took as a kid which focused on scales and progressing through books a chapter at a time. Every lesson he asks what I like and what I want to learn, he really focuses on meeting your needs and as a result I felt like I progressed quickly whilst enjoying myself along the way! He is endlessly patient and generous, and you cannot help but respond to his genuine enthusiasm for playing the piano . . . like the other reviewers have said I can’t recommend David highly enough!

I have found that David matches his teaching style with the way I learn and have found the results to be extremely rewarding. He teaches technique using songs I like and ensuring that playing the piano always feels enjoyable. A fantastic teacher!

David is a really talented musician and a great teacher! The lessons are laid back and enjoyable. David has encouraged me to work on my own personal style. He is very patient… highly recommend as a teacher :)

Brilliant Teacher, unique way of learning. Always loved the music from a Piano but never really got myself into it. I was inspired by a few videos and decided to go for lessons. I’ve heard it takes years to practice and can be very stressful though-out your lessons. However, with David it’s extremely fun, learning something new every week just inspires me even more. David is defiantly Musically Talented – Piano & Guitar. Thank You!

Always enjoy lessons. Very relaxed approach. David teaches us songs which we want to play, and has helped us develop our own style. He has built up our confidence and within less than two months of playing encouraged us to start doing open mics! Great teacher, we have progressed very quickly since starting lessons.