Jazz Piano Lessons


Man, I love jazz.

Jazz is many things to many people, so I will describe what it is to me (briefly), and we’ll take it from there.

Jazz is a crazy mish-mash of things. For me, it’s predominantly “old songs being constantly messed around with by musicians to find new ways to enjoy those songs”.

Importantly, when I say “new ways”, I don’t mean that you have to break new ground. Most of enjoying jazz is re-inventing the wheel in ways that many musicians have already done, but you’re discovering for yourself for the first time.

Here are a couple of examples of the kind of jazz I am talking about…

Night and Day – Billie Holiday

Waltz for Debby – Bill Evans

How is Jazz Music Different From Other Music?

The jazz music we will (predominantly) talk about is usually a short song being played over and over, often with someone singing or playing the “real” melody the first time, followed by some improvised versions, and often ending with the real melody again at the end.

It’s actually really easy to get into this and find it really enjoyable, although it takes a lifetime to master!

If It’s So Simple, Why Do People Fail?

It’s staggering how many people go to a piano teacher wanting to learn jazz music, get taught Mozart, and think it is *them* who have failed when they still can’t play jazz after two years.

Put simply, it’s because they’re…

  • 1. Learning skills they don’t need for jazz music.
  • 2. Not learning skills they *do* need for jazz music.
  • Here’s a collection of lessons that I hope will get you started.


    The Very Basics

    The Major Scale

    The Circle of Fifths (Part 1)

    Identifying the Structure

    Building a Chord

    Building a SectionBuilding a Section