Songwriting Piano Lessons

What is “Songwriting”?

This may seem a ridiculous question, but the answer isn’t so straightforward.

For the purposes of these lessons, we need to break down “Songwriting” into component parts and discuss the ones that are *objective*. I can’t help you decide what makes a song meaningful or exciting… I can only give you a collection of tools and things to think about when constructing a song.

To write songs on the piano, we first need to have a basic grasp of popular music for piano, so many of the lessons will overlap heavily with the Pop Piano Lessons section of this website at first.

No matter what kind of songwriter you want to be, you’ll basically constructing “sections”, which will predominantly be “verses” and “choruses”, but also adding things like “intro”, “outro”, “solo/instrumental”, “bridge”, “middle 8″… so the existing language of pop music is extremely useful (even if you are a rebel and wish to break/confound everyone’s expectations!)

In many ways, if you’re sufficiently inspired, songwriting is the easiest of the piano disciplines… you make things up yourself, so they’re not so hard to learn!

If It’s So Simple, Why Do People Fail?

It is sad how many people go to a piano teacher because they want to use the piano as a songwriting tool. They get taught Mozart, and think it is *them* who have failed when they still can’t create new music after two years.

Put simply, it’s because they’re…

  • 1. Learning skills they don’t need for writing songs.
  • 2. Not learning skills they *do* need for writing songs!
  • Here’s a collection of lessons that I hope will get you started.

    At first, they’re all about understanding and playing existing pop songs, but will move onto songwriting skills later.


    The Very Basics

    The Major Scale

    The Circle of Fifths (Part 1)

    Mapping Out A Song

    Building a Chord

    Building a SectionBuilding a Section